Sunday, 18 August 2013

treasure: Tavi Gevinson

Bit of a girl crush happening all up in here.

Today, I saw Tavi, editor in chief of and general all-round awesome lady, give her talk at the Sydney Opera House. She spoke for nearly an hour and then had q&a with Benjamin Law, who is also awesome and writes for Frankie magazine.

Tavi managed to hold the thrall of a crowd in the opera house even when she paused to take a sip of water- I think that speaks volumes about the type of talk she gave.

At this point I am still holding the wonderful experience of seeing this talented and wise person speak, in person, so close to where I was sitting. Her ideas played right into some thoughts I've been thinking for a while, but I want to let the magic marinate for a second or two.

Be sure that you'll hear about it before long.

For now, go check out her magazine and be impressed by the depth of content and the vision of a freakin' 17 year old.

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