Tuesday, 20 August 2013

#30daychallenge day 9: what you hope your future will be like

I feel as though I probably touched on the things I want in my "10 year plan" numbered list; I was going to tongue-in-cheek it and have a rant on hoverboards in manner of Seth Sentry...

However, I have actually been doing some reading and subsequent thinking on the topic of My Future and probably have a few stray thoughts to offer on the topic. Be warned though, no final conclusion shall occur. 

I honestly didn't think I'd get to 27 years of age and still have so many possibilities ahead of me, rather than plans and commitments. I actually expected the commitments to come first, providing some shape to the plans in the form of tangible limiting factors.

Funny how the limiting factors I've come across so far (each time, expecting them to stick and each time being wrong) have been the boys I've had relationships with. Each of them saw me making a physical move (either to be with, or to escape from... Or to wish for a time machine to go with that hoverboard so I could go back and stay put) and now, here I stand, sad and free.

My mistake, perhaps, for harbouring the misguided belief that you make such grandiose gestures and decisions for the one you love ... "And I poured my heart out/ it evaporated, see?"

My future may look any number of ways. As my friend Karin pointed out, I might meet a nice Swedish guy next year when I move to Sweden (that's where you find them, apparently). My mum would kill me. 

I'm starting to wonder if maybe my future might look a little different from how I expected. Every couple of months I seem to shift my world view, plans and ideologies slightly. 

I hope I continue along this road of brutal and honest self motivation though. I've been reading up on why 30 is not the new 20- more on this to follow- and while I'm sure I've got more realisations ahead, I'm already working on creating some momentum. Are you? 

I asked my friend Ellie over the weekend what she thought I was going to be when I grew up. She wasn't sure, so I put it to you, blogosphere: what do you think my future should look like?

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