Monday, 12 August 2013

#30daychallenge day 1: my current relationship/singledom

my current relationship is with myself. i've been single since feb 14 this year (if you're going to breakup, why not do it on valentine's day?) and have gradually eased back into the comfiness of singledom.

this time round, i know all about how it goes, this singledom. i know that i have a huge list of activities which tend to fall by the wayside when there's a boy on the scene; activities i love to do and get a lot out of. i know i have a pile of great friends with whom i can surround myself (or not) at will. i know how much i like my own company - whether reading, going to movies, writing or just sitting about, i'm happy and comfortable and in fact often prefer these things on my own. i also know i have awesome family close by, be it my mum who i see in the carpark almost every workday, or my cousin and his wife who i hadn't seen for 6 months (they'd in fact had a whole baby since i saw them last).

i am a lucky motherfucker.

there's been an interesting shift this time, and i don't know if it's my age, or the very fact of being beaten over the head by yet another incorrectly-placed stint of optimism and trust, but i am not going to be rushing into anything serious for no good reason, if there should come a time when someone has expressed an interest. broken down: i shall not be dating anymore boys. men, please.

that's not to say i won't happily be set up on a date or three, but you know, i'm not keen on wasting my time on time-wasters. ain't nobody got time for that.

and all the activities i can do now, as a single lady, are my favourites. activities! free time!

the world is open and full of possibility.

and next year, i'm going to sweden.

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