Monday, 26 August 2013

#30daychallenge day 12: Bullet your whole day

On first reading, this prompt made me wonder about just shooting everything and everyone, but no, that was yesterday's migraine-induced mood. Today I love people again, so it's all good in the hood. Let the bullet points begin:

  • 6am wakeup to feed chooks and dogs yields this lovely sunrise
  • de-ice windscreen, drive into Armidale to the fine tunes of bliss n eso, chance waters, plus some bonus warbling along to jessie J's "Price Tag" and straight after that, "No diggety" as covered by the lovely Chet Faker. love a bit of iShuffle in the mornin'!
  • arrive at townhouse (currently housesitting mum's place; henceforth referred to as my countryhouse, thus making my actual rented room the townhouse)
  • shower, choose awesome thrifted clothes for today's 30 day restyle challenge prompt: metallic
  • dress, add finishing touches to article for UNE's Nucleus magazine (it's not my finest work, but I have all the necessary disclaimers and excuses, including afore-mentioned migraine)
  • get to work, wait for Kate J to do her regular wacky carpark activity (i could tell you what this entails, but then i'd have to kill you ... suffice to say she has a certain disregard for the white lines) and wander up to work together, procuring lunch invitation and other such joys
  • computer goes on, first cup in a long line of cups of tea gets put together and promptly sipped at, bag of japanese goodies gets cracked open (turns out they are puffed rice covered in chocolate, which i'm going to say counts as breakfast)
  • i make jokes about putting things into envelopes at my job. today, i actually put some things into envelopes
  • more tea
  • me n excel, we're tight: lists of people are the order of the day today!
  • lunchtime with kate J, parents of kate J and Gabi. We proceed to solve some problems of the world. No biggie.
  • an afternoon of some more lists, printing mailing labels (first on the wrong side, then on the right side) until finally ...
  • 5pm! hometime is the best time on a Friday night
  • home via dan murphy's because i've been craving dark beer all day - white rabbit dark ale does the trick, then
  • dinner and gossip at ellie's house with a cameo by trent
  • sad attempt to watch an episode of suits when i get home... proceed to fall asleep 20 minutes in
  • the. end.

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