Saturday, 24 August 2013

#30daychallenge day 13: somewhere you'd like to move or visit

It's my million dollar question lately. Where? (When? also features quite heavily, but let's not get into that mudpie today, my toes will get sticky and then I will be sad and angsty).

Next year I have every intention of moving to Scandinavia, Sweden to be precise. There are a number of reasons, but I will list a few of the big ones here, in next to no order of importance:
  • swedish ladies like Mikaela, Annica, Karin, Maria and Emma (if they are anything to go by, I will also make best of friends with all the other swedish ladies I meet)
  • midsummer, and all the flowery green alcohol-fueled dancing deliciousness a girl could want
  • fika, a mythical coffee/cake/hangout extravaganza type experience i have heard only good things about
  • long long summer days, where everything will be a little out of focus and warm, on pushbikes
  • christmas time with glugg and snow and twinkles
  • Aurora Borealis - northern lights, a thing I've always wanted to know for myself
What drives me to plan with intention to spend a year there is, in fact, the sense of the world I have now, with friends scattered haphazardley through it... it's a big big world out there. So I guess it fills both criteria of moving to and visiting, which is a tidy way to respond to today's challenge.

While in Sweden, obviously, I will be able to take advantage of Europe being so close by with efficient train systems. Hot-damn, bring it on I say!

I'm sure you already know all about the wonder of travelling (Europe particularly) but at any rate, I thought I'd share with you my pinterest board dedicated to this very thing.

I just wish I could go right meow!

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