Thursday, 29 August 2013

#30daychallenge day 18: my beliefs

it's awkward when i feel like i've sort of already touched on this with day 4: my views on religion.

so i shall, at this point, wildly ad-lib some ideas and opinions (which could be transposed into beliefs). i ask of you, excuse the repeated use of the list format; i just find it easy to think aloud this way.

Nothing grates worse than someone who actively likes their life.

Don't be a dick about that though.
Except when you're shredding the gnar. Because everyone should do it. I believe this for true and forever.
  1. people should do the best they can. try to be good as much as possible, and i don't mean good like making your bed and never having old teacups in your room. i mean like, don't waste your tiny amount of time on the planet arguing and complaining. do the things that make you happy, but also, step back and let other people do the things that make them happy.
  2. don't ever talk in a complainy voice; not even as a joke. 
  3. it's hard to get the balance of cynicism and realism right, but try.
  4. you'll never regret dressing up crazy in opshop clothes, but dressing boring every day may just kill ya.
  5. be prepared to be amazed by stuff. by this i mean, stuff you were wrong about, like pop music, or pop rocks, or popsicles.
  6. have fun being an adult. try to do something every now and then that you used to fantasise about doing when you were a kid waiting to be an adult. like i don't know, drinking beer in the daytime, staying up late watching moves, telling people your opinion about things like it matters.
  7. Remember that things are fleeting and you have to be brave.
yolo, motherfuckers.

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