Thursday, 22 August 2013

#30daychallenge Day 11: an iPod on shuffle

With my iPod on shuffle, these are the first 10 that pop up:

1. brother - matt corby (makes sense to support your dream husband's career, no?)
2. merida's home (Brave, original score) - patrick doyle (awesome Disney: she don't need no husbandman)
3. opposite of adults - chiddy bang (snowboarding tune)
4. one love to another-  edward sharpe & the magnetic zeros (just happy lovely music)
5. breezeblocks - alt j (lovely and amazing tune: not bad live, either)
6. bellas finals mix - pitch perfect soundtrack (for when only acapella will aca-do)
7. love they say - tegan and sara (love their previous album; still getting into this one)
8. hearts a mess - missy higgins (gotye covered with a bit of extra heart and soul thrown in)
9. 22 - taylor swift (i like pop music: i'm not even embarassed - tavi gevinson likes tayswift too)
10. resolution - matt corby (it starts and finishes with matt, as always)

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