Saturday, 17 August 2013

#30daychallenge day 6: 30 interesting facts about myself

1. my left foot is half a size bigger than my right foot. one time someone donated a pair of shoes in these exact sizes to the reuseit thrift store where i used to work. i had been eyeing off these shoes in a magazine. it was one of the best days ever.

2. i have had 4 different mobile phone numbers. my first one i had until my ex-boyfriend started texting me poetry at 4 in the morning, my second one i had until i moved to canada, my third one i had until i moved back to australia. the fourth one is current (until i move overseas again, or get another stalker).

3. i drive an 81 Mazda Explorer van called Maude. it makes me feel just a little bit awesome whenever i drive her, mainly because i'm higher up than everyone else, but a little bit because she is a very kick-arse vehicle and i feel kick-arse by association. i have many plans for fixing her up inside so she's all pretty: wallpaper, curtains, cushions and bunting are on the list.

4. i am really into french vanilla rose tea by Dilmah. addicted actually. it smells like turkish delight, and i have loved turkish delight ever since the white witch gave some to Edward in the lion, the witch and the wardrobe.

5. i've just started a Masters of Arts Management at UNE, which is also where i work. i'm doing 2 subjects a trimester; this trimester it's advertising & media, and accounting for managers. i have already fallen behind with my accounting, but i plan to catch up in the next 2 weeks. i'm not sure exactly what i'm going to do with this qualification but i do plan to graduate April 2015 and wear a gown and the whole bit, because i missed the grad for my BA back in 2008.

6. i secretly believe that as a pedestrian i am not ever going to get hit by a car. my logic is that nobody wants to run me over, and so they won't, and i am safe.

7. i've been suckered into all manner of facebook games and apps; candy crush, farm heroes saga, pet rescue saga. i normally find a new one when i get to a level i can't pass. occasionally i actually pay money to pass a level, but my rule is that i have to have been stuck on a level for a week before i'm allowed, and i have to be sure i'm going to finish the level with the purchase. so it's all legit, really.

8. i religiously download the free track that iTunes offers up each week. i download it, forget to listen to it and then months later when making playlists i wonder what it's doing there.

9. probably 70% of the clothing i own is thrifted. i went thrifting in my lunchbreak this week.

10. i usually prefer to wait until a show is in its 3rd season before i get on board, even if there's a ridiculous amount of hype from folk whos opinions i value. only exception to this rule in recent history is suits. because it's awesome.

11. i recently deleted 700 photos off my phone, because i take duplicates of everything in order to get 'the best one' and then keep all of them anyway.

12. i am a feminist.

13. i am bad at changing into, and out of, second gear.

14. i'm not scared of germs. i don't go out and lick garbage bins or anything, but i scoff in the face of hand sanitiser. i'm aware that having admitted this, i will most likely get an ironic case of something awful (see, i don't even know what these scary diseases are called).

15. i crack myself up.

16. i never had the chicken pox. yes, i know this is bad.

17. i've watched the movie 'crazy, stupid love' probably more than 10 times, but less than 20. because i love ryan gosling, and emma stone, and also think julianne moore has the most lovely red hair i've ever seen. look, it's full of good bits- watch it and thank me later.

18. i kept all of the letters written to me in highschool, and found them in storage at mum's recently. oh boy, there are some chestnuts in there. i may even replicate some of them here (with the author's permission, of coursies). that angst and level of detailed analysis of a boy cannot be replicated. we may all remember what it's like to be a teenager, but i don't think any of us could be back there and be one now, knowing what we know.

19. i am clumsy, and most often have more than one bruise at some point between knee and hip, normally from running into something completely ordinary and part of my everyday life that has not unexpectedly moved, for example a desk chair, a normal chair, a desk corner, a door.

20. i'm in a book club which i encouraged ellie to start and have no yet made it to a meeting of said club. but this month is the book i picked, so i think i have to be there - particularly because it's at my house.

21. i have a crush on the Rock. Dwayne Johnson, i believe is his name. i normally tend to go for, let's say 'more artistic' types. but there is something about that guy. maybe it's his tattoos (tribal; everything i abhor in a tattoo), or maybe it's his biceps (bigger than ma head). i don't know why, but i have decided not to question it.

22. i love my iPhone more than a person who knows better should. this interesting fact is not so much interesting as it is factual.

23. i secretly fear you have stopped reading my list of 30 facts about myself.

24. i have 4 tattoos, but i have at least another 4 in mind. i've even planned for an impulse tattoo, which i am aware defies its very category, but you know, i don't play by anyone's rules... not even my own.

25. my favourite part of writing is that flicker of knowing, as you pause for a thought, that you're making something you're going to be happy to read again later.

26. i have a pet hate of people who manage to bring up that they've travelled extensively in every conversation, yet i'm guilty of it myself. which reminds of this one time in Canada...

27. in my life, i've kissed 11 boys. a few of them i kissed a lot of times; the others, only once or twice.

28. i'm quite pleased about the fact that all the significant injuries i had to list for my physio last week were snowboarding related. i am awesome and rad and hardcore. just don't ask me what silly things i was doing when said injuries occurred. 

29. i miss day-drinking in Canada with the cool kids. armidale folk just do not seem to understand the sheer joy to be found in being mildly intoxicated while it's still light outside. 

30. i have chosen to do many different things at an ok standard, instead of one thing really well. and that's ok with me; i have made peace with this fact. which is something i feel means i have made it into the adult world. i have arrived.

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