Sunday, 18 August 2013

#30daychallenge day 7: my zodiac sign, and if it fits my personality

My mum has always been into astrology. From an early part of my memory, I know for sure that she had our charts mapped out as to where the stars were when we were all born (me and my two brothers).

I have mostly been ambivalent about this sort of stuff for most of my life, and catch me on a bad day now and I'll possibly laugh dismissively through my nose if you think you know anything about me based on me admitting to you that my sign is Libra. 

Catch me on a good day and I might concede that I share a few common traits with other Librans I know, for instance the lovely Annica, who is not only a fellow Libran, but actually shares the exact same birthday as me: day, month, year. We do definitely have a few things in common, but then again we're both awesome women, so that alone could be the defining factor.

I also tend to pick and choose how I feel about my horoscope depending on whether there are good things or bad things in store for me, which feels a little like cheating.

This is a really long way of saying I'm not really into horoscopes, and so I will not be analysing how my zodiak sign fits into my personality today. Instead I've found graphic representations of nice things about Librans, and must insist that these things are all true of me.

Fickle as fuck.

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