Saturday, 31 July 2010

treasure: new friends, old friends

i had drinks with a new friend tonight, and then some old friends.

sara works with me and is awesome and does things like run AWARE which is a environmental program for kids to teach them about caring about the world they live in. she also runs the foodbank which helps out people who are hungry.

she is taking me on the slow food cycle on the 15th, which is in pemberton and you pedal along a nice flat road, stopping at farms to eat things they have made, like homemade icecream sandwiches.

i drank margaritas with her on the cittas patio, then i came home to find andy here, he is leaving town tomorrow morn, forever, he has been a great friend for the past year who comes from glen innes, so one day we will probs have a beer in farmidale.

also pat and karen came over to visit, and they fit into the new friends catgeory as i'm still getting to know them, but karen is awesome and we are going downhill biking together on monday for ladies night, because WE are LADIES.

it's nice to be around people you like, even if you are still just getting to know them. it makes me smile quietly. also if i'm happy when people are around i generally make funnier jokes and smile heaps, and i like myself when i'm like that.

happy birthday matt

Dear Matt,

it's not your first birthday but i still hope you enjoy the blog cake. i miss you all the way over in englandland, and am glad you aren't staying there.

looking forward to you coming to visit whistler, or me going to visit you in one of your many exotic mountain locations.

with much love


Saturday, 24 July 2010

treasure: matt

when i moved to canada i was shit-scared. of all the people i didn't know, of all the cars being on the wrong side of the road, of the fact that i had to learn to snowboard and i had no balance, hand-eye co-ordination, or general finesse (everyone please note that i have learned to snowboard and love it... duh...).

i only knew hugh, my little brother, who i had not lived with or spent any quality time with since he was 13. a bit of a gamble.

it needed to be done, the Leaving of Home- nothing at all was going right, and i only realised the extent of the general shite-ness of my past life about 3 months into my extended vacation. i did lose a boyfriend, and i am sorry about that, but i guess you can't fight fate, or something.

i've met many awesome people in whistler town, quickly making the discovery that while everyone is really friendly, not everyone wants to be your friend. so it helped to have my brother there with his surprisingly good taste in people, and so in this way i met matt.

matt is funny and has the exact same taste in music as me, so i like him on that basis alone. but there is so much more to it. matt and i were drunk text buddies for a while, in order to try and avoid texting our crushes and ruining things. to be honest i think i did better at this than he did.

not to get too deep or any such thing, but it is hard, when you are trying to figure out exactly who you want to be, when you've moved countries and no-one knows you, and you have free rein, to be the best version of yourself. it helps to know people like matt, who introduce you to such fun things as london fogs, and nightclubbing.

so i hope that one day soon i will be living with matt in revelstoke, and everything will be sweet. admittedly right now this is just a crazy dream. but i think we can make it happen.

here's a nice song for matt.

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

secret: i don't know

i can't stop watching tv.

i want to go to india. and i want to go DH biking. and stop biting my fingernails. i hope tomorrow all my favourites are at work.

i want a new and better job. i want to practise my guitar more. and i want to play an open mic night. i want to discover a new favourite band.

i wish i knew what to be when i grow up.

Monday, 19 July 2010

treasure: beer

i gave up beer for a while. now i am drinking it again. soon i will try to give it up again. then ... well lets face it i haven't got a good track record with this have i...

beer is just so so freekin delicious when it's cold, and the day is hot.

secret: love love boring love

the sun has been out and glorious for the last 2 weeks, for my holidays and stuff.

i have been wearing a summery dress and feeling all summery. it's been quite grand.

i don't want to work anymore, so i guess, i need to find someone rich, and make them pay for me. and in return i will love them, or at least pretend really well. i'm pretty good at pretending stuff like that.
i am getting a list of crushes longer than my tiny little arms. i just keep finding more people to be quietly in love with. what the fuck is wrong with me. ah well. pretty sure that any time any guy is even nice to me i fall in love with him. is that ok?

it's stupid and boring. everyone is stupid and boring, and loving people that doesn't love you back is boring, and i'm just a bit grumpy.

Thursday, 15 July 2010

treasure: mountains, mountains, oh mountains!

i have fallen in lust and in love with the rockies. they are all i have been looking at and thinking about for the last 5 days, i have fallen damned hard.

i think i need to be near mountains always. ones with snow on. how can i ever go home now i know how much i love the mountains?

and riding in winter. mmm. is it bad to wish it was winter again, when summer has really only just kicked in? i feel like everything is just one big wait for winter. i am such a winter person. riding and apres and warm headwear (give me another winter in canada and i'll be calling a beanie a toque). powder powder powder.

i send a prayer to the snow gods: give me another good powder season.

then i think i might do a year of double winters. it's getting serious.

basically, this has the makings of a long-term relationship.

Saturday, 10 July 2010

secret: i'm scared that if i have holidays for too long, i won't want to go back to work again. ever.

my job is assistant manager at a thrift store. sounds like the coolest job on the planet, right? well mostly it is, but i have a fairly intense boss, and i have a big workload too.

i currently have 2 weeks holidays, which makes me dizzy with excitement, except that i will get used to not having work run my life, and i won't want to go back. so. what to do?

perhaps just... not. go. back.

but then i can't afford to stay in whistler, and that makes me do a sad face :(

if i can't afford to stay in whistler then i cannot snowboard, drink excessively without any need for excuses, or see small black bears.

and small black bears are RE-ALLLY freekin cute.

Thursday, 8 July 2010

treasure: my new bird elliot

i finally picked up my mail, and in my mail was a bird, and that bird was made by my bestest pal ellie, whom i love and miss and love!

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

secret: i'm ridiculous

oh boy am i silly
there's nothing to be done about any of it.

Friday, 2 July 2010

treasure: fireworks and a movie date

nicole and i went to see 'eclipse' and then afterwards there were fireworks for Canada Day.
it was pretty romantic.
i heart taylor lautner.
i heart fireworks in the mountains.
it was so freekin cold tonight, i'm certain it was snowing up there.
then me and nicole had a bus ride home with two drunk, chatty, cute boys.
i heart nicole. but i think she would understand that if taylor came along, i would have to ditch her pretty much in a heartbeat.