Saturday, 10 July 2010

secret: i'm scared that if i have holidays for too long, i won't want to go back to work again. ever.

my job is assistant manager at a thrift store. sounds like the coolest job on the planet, right? well mostly it is, but i have a fairly intense boss, and i have a big workload too.

i currently have 2 weeks holidays, which makes me dizzy with excitement, except that i will get used to not having work run my life, and i won't want to go back. so. what to do?

perhaps just... not. go. back.

but then i can't afford to stay in whistler, and that makes me do a sad face :(

if i can't afford to stay in whistler then i cannot snowboard, drink excessively without any need for excuses, or see small black bears.

and small black bears are RE-ALLLY freekin cute.

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