Saturday, 31 July 2010

treasure: new friends, old friends

i had drinks with a new friend tonight, and then some old friends.

sara works with me and is awesome and does things like run AWARE which is a environmental program for kids to teach them about caring about the world they live in. she also runs the foodbank which helps out people who are hungry.

she is taking me on the slow food cycle on the 15th, which is in pemberton and you pedal along a nice flat road, stopping at farms to eat things they have made, like homemade icecream sandwiches.

i drank margaritas with her on the cittas patio, then i came home to find andy here, he is leaving town tomorrow morn, forever, he has been a great friend for the past year who comes from glen innes, so one day we will probs have a beer in farmidale.

also pat and karen came over to visit, and they fit into the new friends catgeory as i'm still getting to know them, but karen is awesome and we are going downhill biking together on monday for ladies night, because WE are LADIES.

it's nice to be around people you like, even if you are still just getting to know them. it makes me smile quietly. also if i'm happy when people are around i generally make funnier jokes and smile heaps, and i like myself when i'm like that.

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