Saturday, 24 July 2010

treasure: matt

when i moved to canada i was shit-scared. of all the people i didn't know, of all the cars being on the wrong side of the road, of the fact that i had to learn to snowboard and i had no balance, hand-eye co-ordination, or general finesse (everyone please note that i have learned to snowboard and love it... duh...).

i only knew hugh, my little brother, who i had not lived with or spent any quality time with since he was 13. a bit of a gamble.

it needed to be done, the Leaving of Home- nothing at all was going right, and i only realised the extent of the general shite-ness of my past life about 3 months into my extended vacation. i did lose a boyfriend, and i am sorry about that, but i guess you can't fight fate, or something.

i've met many awesome people in whistler town, quickly making the discovery that while everyone is really friendly, not everyone wants to be your friend. so it helped to have my brother there with his surprisingly good taste in people, and so in this way i met matt.

matt is funny and has the exact same taste in music as me, so i like him on that basis alone. but there is so much more to it. matt and i were drunk text buddies for a while, in order to try and avoid texting our crushes and ruining things. to be honest i think i did better at this than he did.

not to get too deep or any such thing, but it is hard, when you are trying to figure out exactly who you want to be, when you've moved countries and no-one knows you, and you have free rein, to be the best version of yourself. it helps to know people like matt, who introduce you to such fun things as london fogs, and nightclubbing.

so i hope that one day soon i will be living with matt in revelstoke, and everything will be sweet. admittedly right now this is just a crazy dream. but i think we can make it happen.

here's a nice song for matt.

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