Monday, 19 July 2010

secret: love love boring love

the sun has been out and glorious for the last 2 weeks, for my holidays and stuff.

i have been wearing a summery dress and feeling all summery. it's been quite grand.

i don't want to work anymore, so i guess, i need to find someone rich, and make them pay for me. and in return i will love them, or at least pretend really well. i'm pretty good at pretending stuff like that.
i am getting a list of crushes longer than my tiny little arms. i just keep finding more people to be quietly in love with. what the fuck is wrong with me. ah well. pretty sure that any time any guy is even nice to me i fall in love with him. is that ok?

it's stupid and boring. everyone is stupid and boring, and loving people that doesn't love you back is boring, and i'm just a bit grumpy.

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