all about me: helen of secrets n treasures

for me, starting secrets n treasures blog way back in 2010 was an experiment in going public. i tend to write about where i am and what i'm thinking at a particular moment, so the first few years of blog writing for me were about snowboarding, and Canada. you'll catch a theme if you read back that far into the archives.

more recently, my writing has been broadening here and there into feminism, but i ultimately hold that my own brand of feminism is simply to have a voice, to share those things that i care deeply about (or shallowly... like funny cat pictures), and be the opposite of apologetic. i believe the world, and women, need to hear stories of lives that are uniquely one's own. that there's no one way to fit into the world, and that our thoughts and stories are wonderous.

a little more about me can be found in a post from august 2013. my blog is a personal one, and so if you read along for more than a few posts you'll realise you're bound to end up feeling like you know me very well indeed. i hope we can be friends.

thanks for reading.

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