Sunday, 25 August 2013

secret: planning ahead

Tiny post for a tiny thing that drives me crazy about myself-

Every single fucking year I buy a diary. Every single fucking year I use about 2 weeks’ worth; non-consecutive days of course.

Every single fucking year.

You know what I did yesterday? Nearly pre-ordered a diary for 2014. In August. Even though I never use them. This year I have 2 diaries, neither of which have been properly used.
I stopped for a second, and I thought some things at myself, and moved away from clicking the pre-order button. Next year I’m just gonna try and write notes to myself in a book with no dates in it, then try and look at the notes in time to avoid hefty library fines.

Thou shalt not buy copious diaries for no good reason, and instead make use of one of the thousands of blank notebooks already purchased and at your disposal: The 11th Commandment

If I were to buy a diary, it might be one of these.

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