Wednesday, 28 August 2013

#30daychallenge day 17: highs and lows of this past year

it's going to have to be in traditional list format this time, partly to save you all from a wordy response which starts with a point but disintegrates into complaining about being single (not really, being single is awesome).

highs include but are not limited to:
  • learning to drive a manual and being better at it than my ex
  • moving into town and unpacking my clothing for the first time in actual years
  • making new friends
  • starting a book club
  • starting my masters
  • writing this here blog and feeling validated by actual people telling me they read it, to my face
  • making friends with my parents, like real life friends
  • falling in love with armidale
  • armidale sunsets (and sunrises when i get up early enough)
  • my acquired whiskey appreciation
  • my ongoing conversation with my brothers, who i love even when they don't do what i want
  • putting new energy into old friendships and being rewarded with continued friendship agreements
  • live music and general inspiration
  • opshopping in my hometown
  • poached eggs and coffees at goldfish bowl
  • the bottle of bourbon i recently invested in
  • the sunday session i just partook in with some cool kids

lows may include:
  • having to rethink my plans when i'd already purchased a fucking german dictionary
  • my need for physio; between my ankle, hips and ribs (apparently), shit is getting expensive
  • running into the back of a stranger's car with my car
  • not always knowing my next move in life with any certainty
  • missing whistler (and yes, sometimes wishing i'd never left)
  • being far away from kindred spirits met in canada and missed to pieces
  • not having time to write letters to people who really deserve my letters
  • being broke and paying for it
  • that time i was housesitting and a chicken broke into the house and shat on everything.

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