Tuesday, 13 August 2013

#30daychallenge day 2: where i'd like to be in 10 years

 i feel this question is best answered in a combination of picture and list.

1. i'd like to be healthy
2. i'd like to still be as close with my family
3. i'd like to be writing in exchange for money
4. i'd like to have a job that challenges me and excites me
5. i'd like to be here, or there... armidale, melbourne, canada, portland, sweden
6. i'd like to have a comfortable chair, photos on the walls, souvenirs and reminders on the shelves
7. i'd like to have a friend i can call on at any time for a cup of tea
8. i'd like to have a friend far away who i wrote to and called whenever i wanted
9. i'd like to have a few lovely routines that involved thrift shopping, cups of coffee, magazines and sunshine on saturday mornings
10. i'd like to be part of the lives of the little ones i've recently got to know, to watch them grow up and turn into real people (most of these little ones will be between 10 and 12 by then)
11. i'd like to be part of the lives of the friends who are responsible for these little ones; to be a baby sitter or a friend or an aunt helen, or a shoulder to lean on, or someone to cook dinner now and then
12. i'd like to have unpacked my books onto shelves, my shoes into closets, my dresses onto hangers; i'd like to be somewhere sure and certain
13. i'd like to still be familiar with the feel of fresh snow underfoot (or under board)
14. i'd like to know the people i know right now, for they are a good collection
15. i'd like to be loved by somebody; somebody just right

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