Friday, 13 September 2013

Friday Feminism - an introduction

in the month of july i undertook a bit of a personal musical exploration mission. i only listened to female artists in july- you can read about why i did this here. it was an interesting exercise, and i was pleased to come out the other end of it with a slightly different awareness of female music, and a healthy appreciation of female-created music. in the last post, which you can read here, i went so far as to make a promise that i'd keep up with doing feminist things, being a feminist... the idea being that a feminist act does not need to be a bra-burning statement. in fact, sometimes it's the smaller, more easily do-able acts that make up a bigger movement, or have a more widespread impact. as far as i see things, it's all about collective action, and that's something i'd like to inspire.

i'm going to call it Friday Feminism, and i'm hoping to make it a regular occurance. i'm hoping to make it a thing that happens on Friday, for the simple fact that Friday starts with F the same way Feminist does (other F words include Fun, Female, Farts, Face, Fact, Foolish... and many many more).

what i'd like is to explore my way through not only my ideas of how to be a feminist, but other people's ideas too- i'd like to prove that a lot of you are feminists in one way or another, but that there is a rich scope, and there's not a list of 'must-do' things to check off before you can call yourself a feminist.

i think the term has a bit of a bad rap at the moment, and that's just silly. i think that idea comes from a lack of knowledge, or bad press (and who might be putting that bad press out there is another story...) and so i'm here to give some good press and hopefully you all can play along, spread the word, and get your feminist hats/pants/faces on. i thought it might be funny to give out homework, too. a tiny piece of feminist homework. because i'd really love to start getting more blog feedback in the comments section, you can play along there if you'd like.

some weeks may be heavier than others, depending on the various factors of life that come across my path in any given week (a way of saying: maybe sometimes i'll be doing an assignment/going for a bushwalk/reading a book instead).

anyone and everyone is welcome. it's not just a girl thing. the point is to get you thinking, or to start a conversation, and for me to reflect upon practicing my feminism in a space that i've created. arguments are welcome, but please note that i'd prefer them to be coherent and respectful, that i may not agree with you even after you've stated your case, and that if you surprise me with them at a party, i reserve the right to walk away.

Let's maybe break this pie chart into pieces. Much like we might with an actual pie.


  1. I don't really know much detail about the feminist venture, I guess it's something I tend to stereotype! But I've really enjoyed starting to read Rookie Mag. And I guess it's something I've never considered very much - or in much depth - so I'd be intrigued to find out more!

    1. Glad to have you here reading! Hoping I can keep it informative and friendly, and expecting to learn a bit more when I'm researching my posts... Just another challenge to pull myself along :)