Saturday, 21 September 2013

4 things from my collections: owls

i am getting a pretty flippin' sweet owl collection these days. i love them; i can't help myself. and other people know about it and completely enable this collection obsession. 

top left: an owl sent to me through the mail all the way from australia to canada by my lovely mum for a birthday present (i got so many tiny treasures all the time i lived there, because she only posted me little things each christmas and birthday).

top right: a Greek owl from my stepdad. i had put in a request for an owl from Greece, coz of the Athena/girl power connection. i got this one, and also...

bottom left: ... this one, a little brass buddy. what i love is getting travel presents from people back from their travels.

bottom right: these 2 were a find at the reuseit centre, a thrift store i used to work at in canada. i like them because they are a little cosy pair, and that makes me happy.

i have more owls, like way more, but i'm playing it cool. if you're lucky, you will see more owls next month.

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