Monday, 23 September 2013

5 things from my collections: magazines i am reading

I keep a pile of reading materials close by for inspiration and for emergencies. I recommend it. Because there are 5 magazines, this is a slightly cheaty version of my 4 things series. Sorry. I can count, it's just that it happened this way today.

Excerpt from Failed Writer by Joseph Musso:
"A failed writer, at some point, is a hero solely to himself. Often this is his only choice, after so many others have rebuffed his literary advances: the wink of a word, the tongue-roll of a syllable, the brazen hip-thrust of a brilliant passage."

Frankie is full of such useful tips and  hints to living a fuller life.

Rookie comes with stickers. I don't know where to stick them... they're very precious.

I buy transfer because it makes me feel like I'm still vaguely connected to that world. Even though it's a while since I saw snow.

It's Slow magazine that's influenced my recent change of heart about living in the country. Now, it seems honourable. I might just build myself a tiny home to live out my days.

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