Thursday, 5 September 2013

#30daychallenge day 24: my favourite movies and what they're all about

i hate picking favourite stuff. one favourite movie, or one favourite book ... or one favourite band, or one favourite person... nah. i have ALL the favourites.

seeing as this is my blog and i blog if/when/what i want to, i'm going to give you the low-down (in a fairly brief capacity so as not to spoil) on not one, not two but three of my favourite love story movies, in no particular order...

  • crazy stupid love. i have mentioned this one briefly already, in so much as i have watched it a lot of times and i just don't get sick of it. it's a romantic comedy, but there are several love stories going on at once- different kinds of love. normally i have a bit of an issue with rom-com when i'm single, because it all seems really convenient and i highly doubt my own love story will be so tidy, but this seems to be just messy enough that it actually might work, although obviously in real life nobody actually has those abs except ryan gosling himself, and you know, it's his job to look like that. i like him and emma stone as comedy actors, as well as (of course) steve carell.

    the soundtrack is surprisingly good, and everything ends underscored by The Middle East's "Blood", which is lovely and australian, also.

  • eternal sunshine of a spotless mind. this one is slightly weirder as love stories go, but probably gets to the root of a breakup better than a lot of popular movies, in that it's all a bit embarassing and tragic, and you most certainly do wish, at various points, that you could wipe the other person clean from your mind. it seems like you'd be happier and life would be easier. the story of clementine and joel is, of course, the point of it (plus cool effects throughout, like when the house fills with sand) but i actually have started watching it for poor mary, played by kirsten dunst, who's the receptionist and has her own sad love story. i won't ruin it in case you managed to miss viewing this in all it's cult-film goodness.

    the main take-away point here though is that i want kate winslet's hair. the red is my favourite.

  • 500 days of summer. it's like both of the previous two put together. does it say a lot about me that i'm more interested in the breakups of life? this one i love for joseph gordon-levitt and of course for zooey deschanel who has such wonderul clothing in this movie. i love the way this movie jumps around in the sequence of events, but i find the ending to be a little lame. again, i love this one for the soundtrack. and for the choreographed dance sequence - because that's exactly how you feel when you're in love. and also, don't forget joseph gordon-levitt.

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