Monday, 9 September 2013

#30daychallenge Day 27: A problem I have had

I had a lot of problems happen to me this week. There is a great list, but the problems aren't funny yet, or they aren't blog-fodder yet, because some of them still make me want to cry a little.

I've been thinking about how to deal with problems. And how frustrating it is when other people expect you to deal with your problems the same way they deal with theirs. So instead of telling you about my problems, I decided to make a list of ways of dealing with problems that I've come across in my time as a human.

Please note they are not in any order whatsoever; some of them are my personal technique, some are a terrible idea, some I've heard about but never tried. And I am giving you no hint as to which category each dot point falls into.

  • get yourself to a bottleshop; buy a bottle of whisky. drink it all, or share it, and drink a percentage of it. 
  • cry uncontrollably at your desk
  • go out and spend your money on things you don't need in big w
  • turn up the music
  • spend the afternoon on internet/media blackout and read a book in the sun
  • play with a dog
  • pick up a stranger at a bar
  • hit on someone in a crash-and-burn scenario where there are lots of mutual friends around
  • laugh hysterically at things that aren't funny
  • over-react to a tiny problem instead of addressing the big problem
  • spend a day trying not to cry with a big lump in your throat
  • write an angry letter that you never send
  • send an angry letter that you should never have written
  • go to your parents house and let them make you dinner
  • lose your keys and drop your phone so the broken screen can haunt you
  • go paintballing
  • have a hot bath with a glass of wine
  • write in a journal
  • start an argument with someone you love about something unrelated
  • watch a season of a tv show in one day
  • tell everyone else to cheer up constantly
  • have too much coffee
  • buy a trampoline and bounce on it a lot
  • make a pot of tea and tell a friend your problems
  • write a song, or a poem
  • go to the zoo
please feel free to contribute ideas as to how i can get myself out of this 7 day bad-luck funk. i will love you forever!

He really wouldn't.

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