Thursday, 26 September 2013

30pictureschallenge: Day 4

sometimes i'm a crafter of silence
sometimes the only thing i'm making
is my breath
sometimes my heart aches
sometimes my heart is aching.

there's not a colour to paint the night
the white and the black of the moon, maybe
i drive the streets of my hometown past midnight, wondering of
you, and the somewhere between here and there.

my peace,
as i shift through first second third
and i let some strange calm
sink right into the marrow of my bones.

i own myself in the way that
i'm proud of the breaths i've made
i own myself, but
i imagine your hands on my shoulders.

the part i hate is the way
i'm here to be shocked out of my own heart
by a half-second
of electricity in your eyes and my eyes and
my heart.

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