Tuesday, 3 September 2013

#30daychallenge day 22: how have you changed in the past 2 years?

i like to think i've changed, but it's hard to know from the inside looking out just how i've actually changed. sometimes i feel like quite a different person than i was even a year ago. sometimes i feel like i'm still 16.

i'm not as opposed to settling down as i was 2 years ago; travelling forever is no longer the ultimate in plans. i like the idea of having a place of my own, even if i don't live there year round.

i'm 100% more single than i was 2 years ago, and i kind of like it. i've realised that it's worth waiting for the right person, as opposed to just any person who is interested. if you're not careful or observant, you'll realise only 50% of the couple was invested in future plans, and it was you. i'm excited for the next bit, where i get exactly what i want.

i've realised that you don't have to be the best at something to be good at something. and that being good at something only has value if you enjoy it. i've realised how much i like to write, and so continue to write i shall.

i've realised that the concept of fitting into a pair of pants as fitness motivation is not as effective as being comfy in your skin, and that this comes about from being kind to yourself, and once you're kind to yourself, it's easier to keep fit, because it feels like a thing you want to do, instead of a thing you have to do to fit into your pants.

i've realised i do not like pants anyway.

i've had to let snowboarding go, for now; my poor body wouldn't manage even if there was some fresh snow handy, so i'm moving back from that and into other areas for my happiness and well-being. pining for the snow hurts my heart. last night i almost decided to buy a ticket to whistler, even though my back was misbehaving yesterday... just because i had a flash of remembering what fresh snow smells like. it may have also hurt my heart a little because i was listening to my riding playist of 2011/2012 winter season. note to self: no.

i can roll my eyes at the cool kids a little bit more easily, and feel quite happy that my hobbies are satisfying to me, even if they aren't cool.

i still own just as many opshop clothes, but more of them actually get worn now i don't live in canada, as the weather offers more variety of temperature and less practicality (hence more dresses, less pants).

and i think that's quite enough things to be going on with, for now.

**i wanted a meaningful quote about change, but all the ones i found made me want to vomit. 
so here is this, instead.

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