Tuesday, 24 September 2013

30pictureschallenge: Day 2


for a long time i believed fervently that i was a night-owl. perhaps because of my thing with owls. perhaps because i thought that was a thing that writers did, the staying up late and getting whimsical about their thoughts. it may very well be that this is true, the writers i idolised early on were artists, living artistic lives.

what i have realised over time is that i don't always do my best writing at night. sometimes, yes. if i'm wanting to write an angsty piece then a bit of mood music and a glass of whisky never goes astray. and there's a place in my writing life for this sort of thing; it's important to have balance, and not write sensible things every time i sit to write.

but truthfully, writing during the day, and in fact, in the morning, tends to be more sensible, believable, sellable... readable anyhow. morning time is a time to digest the news (everything seems less depressing in the light of day, even tony abbott), it is a time to be stimulated by the world at large, be it through the reading of a blog or an article online, even ones you disagree with.

some of my biggest thoughts pop into my brain in the morning time. i write copious notes to myself in the morning, which i then attempt to make something of when i return to them after work and have to start on the business of essay writing and thinking.

i've discovered i'm a morning person. i'm not even embarrassed. i'm thinking of starting taking a morning walk. yep. i'm that guy.

so the answer is yes. i do want to be alone, but not necessarily sleepy, for the first few hours of the day. yes thankyou please.

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