Thursday, 9 May 2013

treasure: some things i want right now

I want to run through a field, carefree as fuck. The wind would be blowing through my hair. I would be in slow motion.

The only person who ever got me flowers that were a beautiful, no-reason-but-i-love-you type surprise was Mikaela the beautiful Swedish florist I know. Guys, flowers. No brainer.

Rum and Coke floats. Nuf said.

A cake with a word in it. This is some form of wizardry and I want it in my life and in my belly.

This is a letter for June Carter written by Johnny Cash for her birthday. Are there even men like that in the world anymore? I want a love letter for my birthday. One I'm not expecting. One I didn't have to put a gun to anyone's head to make them write. One that says such wonderful things... I now officially love Johnny Cash forever.

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