Thursday, 9 May 2013

secret: poems

i'm never sure about putting poems up. i've scribbled some pretty shocking verses lately, and i don't mean the type to inspire gasps and awe. i mean the other kind of shocking.

it's the worst when i don't know what to write. it's how i know i'll be ok, writing of the words. i haven't had many lately- this stint has been the worst and the hardest i've had so far. just so you know.

for a warm up, here's some poetry i posted a few years ago now, when i was in the states for my first american thanksgiving.

and a few love poems from 2010 (i've realised that mostly i write love poems. i can't help it).

a few years ago i decided to take up a poem challenge. i think i'm going to have another crack at it.

wish me luck.

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