Tuesday, 28 May 2013

treasure: rainy tuesday happiness

despite the cold, rainy day and the fact my hair is definitely not photo-shoot ready, despite my tummy ache from eating wheat last night (in the form of delicious chocolate cheesecake, so worth it) and despite the fact i have to work instead of watch the Armidale Eisteddfod like i'd like to, i'm actually having a lovely day.

maybe it's the fact that i drove a manual car (a van, no less) to work without stalling or crashing this morning. maybe it's the fact that i finally seem to have figured out how to dress weather-appropriate for Armidale. maybe it's the lovely people with whom i shared that delicious chocolate cheesecake last night, reassuring me that Armidale is not devoid of awesomeness (it just hides inside, where it's warm). maybe it's the large chai latte i'm sipping on, filled with warmth and sugar.

or maybe i'm just happy anyway, and all these things are lovely whisperings of noise in the background. it's good to feel happy.

today, i am basically the opposite of grumpy cat, which i figure is happy dog.

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