Monday, 6 May 2013

secret: things I want

- Scandinavia
- snow
- long train rides with scenery
- winter clothes
- making my English work in a foreign country
- history and the weight carried by a place that's seen footsteps of billions of people over thousands of years
- foods I haven't tasted and drinks I've never drunk
- that lovely Swedish accent!

I'm so keen for travel. Minimal baggage and maximum adventure. I want a Swedish version of my life, habits I learn in foreign countries. I want my sentence structure to alter from speaking to swedes for months on end.

I want to drink their coffee and learn how to make them laugh. I want to prove the theory that I don't quite belong where I am.

I want to be out of my element again, homesick even, but I know I'll be completely happy.

I really just want to be happy, and the anticipation of Sweden gives me enough to be going on with.

It's just one short year away.

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