Wednesday, 23 October 2013

30pictureschallenge: Day 13

 Stayin' up late makin' mixtapes:

i haven't made one in a while, but i owe a few people some promises.

so many important moments and thoughts i've had lately seem to be scored to a soundtrack. simply put, music is one of my great loves. i think, when all is said and done, i'd be missing something and never knowing what it was, if music wasn't a thing.

making this mixtape, i am thinking a lot about the person it's for and how much i love and miss him. i am lucky to have some beautiful friends. it's just a constant heartbreak to live so far from the people that seem to really know you and get you. the treasure for me lately has been meeting more people close by who seem to maybe get me a little bit too.

but there are some special ones who i will love the rest of my life, and i hope to keep them in it, in some small way, shape or form.

here, i send out a mixtape, and what i want it to talk of is not only the love and the friendship, but also the will to insert a message through the songs of others far more talented than me to say that i want to be around, in the airwaves in the earbuds, as you go about your life and i imagine you in it. 

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