Sunday, 20 October 2013

30pictureschallenge: Day 12

It is Sunday morning. I'm sitting in my comfy chair in my new room, looking at the work of settling in I did yesterday in a self-satisfied way.

The sun is shining in, there is peach tea and apple with yoghurt to munch quietly. I'm reading everything at once: feminist books, a smattering of chick-lit, the newest Frankie magazine, my favourite blogs that I haven't caught up with in a while.

It's my 28th birthday tomorrow. In an abstract way, 28 is something of a non-event birthday. My mum tells me 28 is the year of Saturn's return, or the year I become an adult. While I am at times skeptical of such pronouncements, this one actually feels about right. Things I want are becoming clearer and more specific, instead of the "I want everything" feeling from before. 

In a less abstract way, I wonder if I will wake up tomorrow with that little birthday zing I've had every birthday so far. A birthday is a birthday, after all. 


  1. Happy birthday for tomorrow! Or, technically today now haha. Birthday's are ours to enjoy, even if they are as "unsignificant" as some ages tend to be labelled.
    I love frankie magazine, though I haven't got around to buying it since my subscription ran out awhile ago.

    1. belated thank you for the birthday wishes! i did have a lovely day, in the end :)

      And yes, big Frankie love here too, my dad got me a subscription for xmas last year and I think I'm going to ask for the same again! Such a lovely surprise in the mail...