Sunday, 11 March 2012

treasure: quiet breakfast (with crunchy cereal)

i often choose to sleep in and then run around frantically trying to make sure i remember to wear pants to work, but i decided today that i really should get up when my alarm goes off instead of hitting snooze so many times that i begin to curse the "marimba", which is the alarm on my iPhone.

it is not the fault of the marimba. that fault lies with me.

this morning my body clock woke me up 1 minute before my alarm, so i didn't even have to hear marimba today, which is winning in everyone's books. i had exactly 8 hours sleep. i liked it.

this gives me the time for 1.5 hours of pre-work morning activities. i chose clothing that i like (today is a day for my lucky owl shirt), i made tea which had time to cool to a drinkable temperature, and i ate a bowl of cereal (cap'n crunch; it's a weekend treat).

it gives me the time to appreciate the gorgeous view out my window. i have whistler mountain peeking through the cloud at me. the trees are covered in snow. this is a picture for me that will never grow old, boring or tired. trees with snow on them is enough to keep my love of outside alive forever.

i'm trying my best to soak up these little bits of whistler, to fix them carefully in my mind so i can have them as little treasures for a long time. that view is priceless.

and i still have time to find a pair of socks and to make my way carefully down the hill to the bus stop. things are good.

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