Saturday, 10 March 2012

25 more photos of phill mitchell's beard: the slightly less hairy sequel

phill is my idol some days. other days he is just a guy i know. and most days he's somewhere in between, leaning towards awesome. here are some nice pictures of phill, who, similarly to ryan gosling, grows facial hair.

25. standing planking phill.

24. pow beard phill

23. australia day 2011 phill

22. iPhone rape phill #1

21. australia day 2012 phill

20. the day before australia day 2012 phill

19. just a small part of facial hair phill (also known as burgular phill)

18. phill watching canucks on NYE 2011

17. iPhone rapist Phill #2

16. phill has sisters who only wish they could grow beards like phill.

15. background phill: there for the big events.

14. iPhone rapist phill #3

13. phill plays SNES Mortal Kombat and learns that even facial hair won't save you in some situations.

12. "there's a caesar in the water pistol" phill

11. hollandaise phill

10. phill drinks out of a bucket with help.

9. phill stands between some stones and looks at something in the distance

8. technically not a beard shot, but look! i'm in his sunglass reflection! wizardry!

7. phill loves kate and kate loves phill

6. summer beers at merlins phill

5. mike and phill are friends but phill's facial hair is better, mostly, which makes things awkward. it's not a competition guys. but phill wins. sorry mike.

4. "i'm going to drink a lot now in case the keg runs out later" birthday phill.

3. "silly faces are cute when swedish girls help out" phill

2. gaper day white trash phill with the missus (sorry kate sorry).

1. australia day 2010 phill with some awesome chick.

dear phill. i respect you.

that is all.

please now can i have my passport back?

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