Sunday, 25 March 2012

treasure: back on the board again

ladies and gentlemen,

a long lost love has come back into my life. not in a horrid way, where you awkwardly pretend you're still friends even though you want to scream and run, but more in a way that incites welcome and joy.

with all the fresh snow and loveliness came a slightly-less-screwed ankle. and because i just couldn't wait another second, i went up the mountain to slay some pow. it wasn't epic, and no cliffs were dropped or nothin', but i had a very most excellent time.

the best parts were when all the boys took it in turns to ride a groomer with me. it meant i got 4 runs before waffles, which is the exact right amount when you're only just back up the hilll. and being mid-week (for the boyfriend's birthday no less), the powder in and around the groomers was still plentiful, and satisfactory for my powder-wanting-self.

let it be known here that fresh snow in fact possesses healing qualities for ankles, therefore making it a very wise decision. the floatyness of the snow soothes the injuries; it makes the ankle sing instead of shriek.

i was riding my new board, that's been new for far too long (new, and staring at me saying "helen, am i not pretty enough? you chose me to be custom made. do you not love me anymore? will i never see the snow?); a Prior custom Khybers, 150cm, built for powder with a huge nose and the absolute ease of not even needing to lean back. it does the leaning for you, and it likes it. i also like it.

on those beautiful snow-filled days i rode my little heart out. and my goodness was i tired afterwards. i don't think i've slept that well in months: the sleeplessness had worried me until now, for now i know that i really just need to go riding in the pow; it's a really cold wet lullaby. music to my ears.

i hadn't yet spend even a second on blackcomb with a board attached to my feet. i rode out on rock & roll, a blue groomer off the side of crystal chair, and i loved every second of that run: there were fresh pockets off the sides of the run and not another person to be seen. my heart floated like my board did.

i rode with aaron, andy, cam and phill, then karin, annica and frederick, then (sort of) everyone plus kate and aiden (sort of means we totes rode the chairlift up together). i had a lovely time with kate riding soft lines under glacier chair. she did not abandon me for t-bars. i loved her for it. and hoped to myself my slow pace and lack of radness wasn't breeding discontent or anger. angry kate would be a scary prospect. she looks ok with it in the photo below, so i guess she probably had an alright time.

my days were a treasure for sure, and although i'm hopeful for more days like them, i am pretty happy just to sit back and enjoy the goodness that came my way.

it's just an excuse to come back to whistler, one day pretty soon.

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