Tuesday, 6 March 2012

secret: 5 to 10 years

i came to whistler to escape the plan i had for the next 10 years of my life. i had things all organized up til 33 years old. it was a good plan too, i nailed that plan. it would have been a great life- i would have been organized, intelligent and meticulous. and muscular. because i was planning to run marathons.

i would have kept up with my avoidance of wheat and processed foods. i would have kept up with my 1 glass of wine a week on saturday night.

i would have been well on my way to becoming an optometrist.

can you see why i had to come to whistler? you can't have it all worked out at 23. it's ridiculous.

i came to whistler to have little to no responsibility for anything except myself. me being me, i managed to get a job that eventually lead to me managing a store, and the path was a little traumatic and convoluted but in the end, the responsibility wasn't unwanted and it wasn't impossible.

by the time i leave here in may it will be just short of 3 years i've lived in canada. i think it's done what i needed it to do. i shall march back to australia with the right attitude. with the enlightenment of one who has spent 3 years acting her age, saying yes to things and making friends in a scope that encompasses those like-minded snow-obsessed types.

and now i have some ideas about a new 5 to 10 year plan. i want a space that's mine, where i don't have to keep packing up my life. somewhere i can settle into, maybe only for pieces of time here and there, but that i can return to, live in, rely upon. i want a bookshelf or two of my own. it breaks my heart having to give away books whenever i move.

i want a big desk, a comfy chair, a space conducive to writing and thinking thoughts. i want a nice view. i want a teapot and 3 teacups for when friends visit me. goddamn it, i want to live in an A-Frame house, i've been drooling at them on the internet for weeks. i'm hoping to talk my stepdad into building me one under some gumtrees.

i want a job that means i can afford to take bursts of time off. maybe something that uses the practical parts of my brain, to keep them happy, and then the time off can be my creative happy place time.

i want a cat. i've struggled with the ultimate cat or dog question for a while, but in the end, i'm pretty sure a cat is what i want.

that's as much as i know.

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