Saturday, 10 March 2012

a blogging manifesto, or, what blogging is for me

i've just realized recently that part of the reason i write is that nobody ever asks me the right questions- i suspect that i blog about myself sometimes out of sheer desperation.

blogging is like writing down everything about yourself that you want everyone to know in a diary that you leave out somewhere for people to pick up and read.

humanity sort of sucks at this point, in a way, because we're all about connecting through social media and posting funny youtube clips of cats on each other's walls, but there's a serious lack of dialogue. the forgotten art of conversation.

i said that no-one ever asks me the right questions; sometimes no-one ever asks me any questions at all, let alone the right ones. i feel confused and sometimes a little bit abandoned by the oft non-reciprocated fact that when i meet someone i like, i'm driven to know things about them. i want to know their quirks. i want to hear their story about their awkward teenage years. i want to know what got them to where they are now. to be honest, there are only a few that make it as far as this category. i dismiss a lot of people i meet offhand for any myriad of reasons, and the reasons i find others interesting or stalk-worthy hold no pattern whatsoever. most of you reading my blog are loyal and interested in things i have to say, and it's probably because i feel the same way about you. i have asked you many questions. i have remembered your answers, to a degree, and i have follow-up questions.

i treasure these conversations, this human connection, where i get the luxury of being myself, of narrating and verbalising my self to whichever degree i so choose.

so bless you all for reading my blog and giving my voice a place in your head. the fact of it keeps me sane. i know that mostly you read me for my silliness, my attempts at humor, my numbered lists. blogging for me is my way of saying what i need to say and answering the questions that someone should have thought to ask.

and bless those of you, the very tiny few, that think to ask. this group is even smaller than those of you that think to read. you are precious and without you i would have to be locked away like jim carrey is at the end of batman forever.

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