Monday, 4 April 2011

happy birthday karin

dear karin,

i know this is a week overdue, but i have been busy searching for the perfect cake picture. it's not easy you know, not almost as easy as actually making you a cake...

blog cake is just so much more digitally satisfying (karin appears to be one of my blog's biggest fans, dare i say only fans, and thus she has well and truly earned this dubious honor).

karin, i am going to go a big mushy one and tell you blatantly to your face: i love you.

you feel like someone i have known my whole life, rather than just since november when you got into town. i hate to even consider what my life might have been like if janice had not randomly chatted up lisa at the gym, resulting in the miraculous houseful of swedes we managed to trick into being our friends...

i think the mark of a true friend is someone who makes you feel the most like yourself. it is a rare pleasure to meet someone who doesn't lie, or exaggerate in the slightest (haha), who doesn't make you feel any need to buy into all the bullshit that so often hangs about groups of people in towns like whistler.

i admire you for many different things: your outlook on life, your sense of humor (basically, i like that you laugh at my jokes), your ability to create delicious baked goods ... also, i should not neglect to mention that you are the raddest skier on the mountain.

plus you're pretty easy on the eyes...

you always make me laugh, but better yet, you can stop laughing and listen to me seriously while i whine about my pitiful existence, like when boys don't like me back, or how my boss is crazy, or the dryer being broken (and that was just today).

i have so much more i could say, but really when it boils down to it, i admire, love and respect you. i hope to know you for a long time. i hope to make you my wife and bring you to australia.

i wish i could have been there for your birthday, but instead all i have to offer is this blog, and the promise of a ring one day. or maybe not. maybe i will try and make this cake.

or maybe not.

lots of love with all my heart to my beautiful karin <3

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