Tuesday, 26 April 2011

secret: yeah, there's a thousand words to go with a picture

i thought maybe the explodingdog cartoon i posted would do it, but it didn't really.

i've been trying to ignore something for a while now, and it won't be ignored. especially after a conversation with my mum tonight, who pointed out in that drastically obvious way that only mothers can do, that it shouldn't be ignored. she's right of course, but not ignoring something that makes you mad only really makes you madder.

both in the angry way and in the crazy way.

since i got to whistler, i have been the kind of person i've always wanted to be: i'm friends with the people i like, i avoid the people i don't. i haven't put up with bullshit. i do all the things i want to do, and none of the things i don't like.

somehow, i've had a fail. and am being trodden on.

i'm not going to go squish like a bug. you heard it here first. no more mrs nice guy.

that is all.

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