Tuesday, 26 April 2011

treasure: aurevoir, whistler mountain

i just can't believe how fast the last five and a half months has gone... seems like yesterday that whistler opened for the 2010-2011 season.

how exciting- i got about 3 hours sleep, woke up and dragged myself to creekside gondy to meet fabel, kate m and jack. at 6am. fabel bought me a coffee, which is pretty much the secret to making me fall in love, and thus i kept warm enough to fend off ... oh what's it called, where you die of cold? hypothermia (my brain kept insisting i say hybernation, but that is wrong).

i was scared i'd forgotten how to ride. but i hadn't. i could have wept with happiness carving my first few turns down the hill. i'd made a playlist specially. i think i may have danced a little. it's possible.

early pow days were spent with lovely sue, us seeing how far we could push ourselves, at about the same level of confidence and bravery and recklessness... there were some funny tree runs, a little hiking out of powder, that one time i rocked the moguls up on seventh and sue actually saw me do it...

i also like to remember that time with phill when we got caught in ungroomed powder and small trees and had to paddle our way out (i laughed at him doing it, then hey presto, that was me about 4 minutes later). i have had some great great pow days with phill, who was always on the mountain this season. his work day starts at 1pm. yes phill THAT'S WHY YOU HAVE MORE THAN DOUBLE THE DAYS ON THE HILL I HAVE.

it's been magical, and as i mostly rode whistler i feel it fair to farewell the mountain that gave me my first best powder day, the awesome emerald trees with kate and karin, million dollar ridge... and extra-spicy double caesars at Seppo's.


see the link below for inspiration:


just sayin'.

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