Sunday, 10 April 2011

treasure: bluebird photography

have had the most fantastic days riding recently. i waited patiently (and also, at times not so patiently) for a day off to hit the mountain. like a complete sucker i had to work 5 days in a row, canyoufuckingbelieve it?!

it's that tricky thing where you have to work to afford your rent, and also the beer expenses of course, but if you can't actually go up the mountain and work up a thirst for the beer, what is the point?

i guess i'm learning that life is all about balance. i'll be the first one to admit i haven't got there yet. working on it though.

these days have started off with great promise- when my alarm goes off i don't consider staying in bed. unless it's a powder day i normally need to lay there debating various merits of my various options. let me tell you right now, winter is the ultimate sleeping in season.

unless there's powder.

the photo above is taken by mr alex fabel, originally known as supermarket guy, at some points known by nicole as phillipe (there should be a story there i feel, but there really isn't), and mostly known as alex despite his constant requests to the contrary. i'll work on calling you fabel buddy, but you might end up being called phillipe. just sayin.

i find it hard not to be sarcastically affectionate toward my friends, but i do make an effort in my blogs to say something genuinely nice, despite the pain it causes me not to use sarcasm. saw an awesome tshirt recently: "sarcasm: one of the many services i offer". so i take a deep breath and put sarcasm aside, to compliment this photograph, and tell you, fabel, that you are awesome.

so i think y'all can see what a beautiful picture it is- i love the framing of the sunshine through the break in the mountain. i love the colors that pervade your world when you're riding- the white, the blue, the grey, the black, the almost green of the trees. it seems like it makes everything a little simpler: it's just you and a heartbeat. in the photo i've just sideslipped on my heel-edge down west bowl. in my preferred version of events, i dropped in like a rockstar and everyone bowed down to my greatness. in reality, yeah, little bit chickenshit.

just after the photo was taken i made one more turn, caught my edge like a rookie and tumbled all the way down the slope. smooth.

thank you loads to fabel for not photographing that part of things.

i love this picture, and i love that it's of me. it's a treasure.

i hope that fabel keeps up with the photography- i'm a firm believer in self-motivated artistic something-or-other. i know that writing has kept me sane since the teenage rebellion kicked in- and let's face it, i never really rebelled besides all the angsty writing i did. having an outlet of some kind enables sanity, and at this late stage of my teenage rebellion, i need all the sanity i can get.

that's why i'm doing my best with the blogging.

blog is a funny word.

that is all.

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