Sunday, 17 April 2011

secret: denial + being emo

don't you hate when you burn your tongue on a coffee and then you can't taste anything for ages after that? (not a metaphor, merely an observation)

i'm struck by a problem: i haven't been acting like an adult for some time now. mostly, i think this is a fair and decent way to deal with life. but occasionally you put off paying your phone bill a little too long and rogers cuts you off. this is what i mean by 'denial'.

my social life has suffered. how do you do stuff when you can't call or text anyone? i guess it's probably cheaper, i haven't known how to find any drinking buddies. which means less drinking and more thinking.

and that's the emo part. plus i had my biggest bail of the season on thursday and my arm isn't uh... really... working anymore. the happy positive flip side of this emo-ness shall be posted soon in an annoyingly upbeat fashion. right now i am wasting time on youtube, also reading my way through the backcatalogue of toothpaste for dinner cartoons. genius. that's the prize i grant you for putting up with such a boring post today. kthanksbye

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