Tuesday, 11 June 2013

treasure: tash, mat, iggy and a baby

it's my experience that through life, friends come and go. i learned long ago that it doesn't do to dwell on the friends you've lost contact with. everyone i've had the honour of calling a friend knows, i trust, that they pop into my head at times and i smile and send some love their way. things happen, in life - you move, you grow up, you change your approach to the world, you re-prioritise. i am one that loves making new friends, but am best at maintaining friendships with people i see often.

i was lucky enough to get to know mat and tash around the time of my 21st birthday. i will be 28 in october, which means i have been friends with these two folk for 7 years (that's maths, right mat?). these are friends that i have never lost touch with. they're a rarity. they're awesome, and i'll tell you why.

i have an extremely hard time allowing people to help me out, because i worry about what it means that i need help, yet every time i visit melbourne, these two share and help in every way they can. when i first got back to australia, more than a little lost, they actually organised to get me down to visit melbourne. penniless and sheepish, i accepted their offer- the visit filled me with enough certainty and purpose to march through the next 3 months til life settled down again.

i refer to these two as my 'adult friends' - simply meaning they've made commitments to things that i hope to one day have in my reach too. they have a house in a great spot, and plenty of plans for it. they have a gorgeous iggy, and a lovely sweet new baby who was just born this week.

i don't have much in the way of means, but i'd do anything in my power to help them out if they ever needed me. because they've offered me the same thing. post break-up i had a gorgeous text from tash offering to help me move to melbourne, or at least get me down there for some distraction. holy shit i am a lucky motherfucker to have friends like these.

in my opinion, the ways in which they're awesome: they have a 3 door merc that i'm allowed to borrow when i visit. they always feed me fancy whiskey from tasmania when i visit. they're both bloody hilarious. they are extremely cool parents. tash gives me hints on awesome bands i should listen to. mat made a point of reading my blog last week (tash may have told him to, but that's another point in the awesome column as far as i'm concerned). i just recently figured out that mat is actually quite clever by reading a blog (his) that i found to be in another language (a higher, more intelligent language than the ones i know)- so now i'm intimidated by him. another hugely favourite thing is tash's ability to drop the c-bomb in a reasonably classy way. she has earned my respect.

i don't know exactly how i convinced them i was ok- they met me because i was dating an old friend of theirs. i abandoned him and the whole relationship for canada, and yet, here i am years later proudly claiming them as good and close friends. i must have made some good jokes at the right time.

the only thing that sucks about these two is that i don't live in the same city as them anymore. everything else is good.

mat and tash, this week, with a new one in your lovely family, i just want you to know about how much i love you all and that i can't wait to meet the new one. i'm certain he'll be as gorgeous as the rest of you. you all deserve all the happiness and good things in the world.

love, me.

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