Wednesday, 5 June 2013

secret: each day

i really like this idea. birthdays are a little bit magical, aren't they? even when they're just a normal day for whatever reason, like having to work or go to school or they're midweek so you're waiting for the weekend to celebrate. still, even in these instances, a birthday is a bit special.

i always feel invincible and loved by everyone. kind of sparkly, nervous and excited. you just don't know what might happen on your birthday. there are tasty treats, like cake and glasses of champagne. there are gifts great and small; handmade cards and bottles of wine (crossing my fingers for whiskey this year), phonecalls and text messages and Facebooks. Love.

Today felt sort of lovely like a birthday- I got up early (so hard to drag myself out of warm bed; I may have stayed up too late last night finishing a series of a tv show) and crept around making a hot drink and putting on gym clothes. I left 5 minutes early to defrost my windscreen before starting the van. Everything was frost-covered and glittery, my breath was clouds of fog, the van was grumpy, but participating. The glorious chill of New England winter was everywhere. It wakes you up and clears your mind in a way that's hard to resent. For it is good to be alive, and don't let anyone tell you different.

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