Sunday, 29 April 2012

treasure: denial, anger, acceptance

i can't wait to get out of here and i never want to leave...

with one week left in this beautiful mountain town i've called home for almost 3 years now it's getting to the blurry panicked stage where i don't think i'm ever going to manage to have farewell drinks.

denial: leaving your packing til the weekend before you move out. waiting til the week you leave to organize your bank account and your phone plan. working til the day before you leave town. training your replacement at work in everything at once, a 2 week crash-course.

anger: resentment at time passing so fast, at the injury that kept me off the mountain most of the season, at the rain and the piles of gravel left when the snow melts away. at my bathroom not being self-cleaning. at getting a headcold and feeling like a heap of crap for the past 5 days. at those things that are completely out of my control.

acceptance: it's been sweet, whistler. good things are coming, new exciting adventures and beer drinking with buddies, sitting in my aunty's garden, reading and writing and breathing. not working for 6 weeks or more! in the 3 years i've been here, my breaks from work have been frantic vacations of seeing as many sights as possible or catching up for tiny increments of time with friends, trying to fit everyone in. i plan to have long and glorious tea-drinking sessions with many many lovely old friends, all everywhere.

if i had the power, i don't know if i'd speed up time so this goodbye, tie-up-loose strings, goodbye goodbye time could be over and done with.... or if i'd slow it down so i could fit in all the goodbyes i'm probably not going to have my time organized well enough to say.

either way, i'm leaving town. and i'll have a lot of time to blog about it... so get excited.

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