Friday, 20 April 2012

secret: the accumulative effects of thursday night

the heart is a funny creature. even the wisest of us cannot abandon ours.

in my life, on this night, sits fabel with the inkling to tidy up his tiny head and the big heart that goes with it, all the way over east.

all the way over west, i sit with my mumford & sons, my incense burning, late april snow falling outside. it's not late- annica and i drove our tentative way back from kate and phill's, where we were spoiled with delicious dinner, and i could soak in the glorious distraction of their company. the snow is unexpected and lovely, if cold and wet as it does tend to be. falling snow makes me happy. the snow will always keep right on coming down, whether or not i can watch it, whether or not i want it.

with the internet as my weapon, no conflict or obstacle is insurmountable. god bless you, internet.

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