Friday, 6 April 2012

secret: preparation (deep thoughts on a thursday night)

it's a month now til i leave whistler. i'm not entirely certain how to prepare for it. there's the logistical stuff, like packing up my things, passing on the treasures i can't keep. there's a checklist: phone, bank account, tax return. that sort of stuff is easy, mundane but easy.

it's trying to soak up every little bit of this town that i love. it's the possibility i mightn't be back, for who ever really knows when they'll see a place again once they've left it? the places i love, the foods and drinks (mopsy's pork pizza at creekbread, double caesar and warrior burger at dusty's, wings and pints of lion's winter ale at crystal, banana bread on the mountain, waffles at crystal hut, pulled pork at bbq bobs, roll combo at samurai sushi, latte and breakfast wrap at lift coffee co., brie apple caramelized onion panini at cracked pepper, tuna salad sandwich at burnt stew cafe, breakfast bagel at moguls, and many more), the places (the re-use-it centre, kate and phill's house, the walk from creekside to home, home itself... and the many homes i've made for myself here: hugh & cam's couch, the tiny 1bed studio with hugh at the vale, the floor in the vale at mitch, kirsty, steve and andy's place, the crazy alpine party house, the mellow alpine summer house, bayshores house, bayshores bitches mansion and now the vale again). all the spots on the mountain. the people. my little whistler family who i love so dearly. the familiar strangers i walk by on the valley trail who smile at me because they know i'm a regular, even though they don't know who i am.

it's trying not to squeeze the life out of whistler, trying not to make every experience over-done as "the last time i'll...". i'll be back in australia just 2 weeks sort of 3 years since i left. in the grand scheme of things, it's not a long time, but at this point of my life, it's been huge. it's been forever. i'm wrapping my head around the fact that there will be a morning soon that i'll wake up, look out the window, and realize there are no more mountains to be seen. i won't lie, it's going to be a tough day.

it's making peace with the fact i won't see the person i love for more than 2 months. that next time we see each other, we'll be in a different hemisphere. that we just have to hope whistler is not the only thing we have in common.

i was so different when i arrived in town. i'm happy with who i am these days. i hope i'm wise enough to be this same person, alive and confident and a little bit silly.

i'm trying not to think ahead too hard. i want to just soak it all in, to have later as memories to laugh at with the friends i've made here. they're stuck with me now, for life.

i know i will look back as i leave this town.

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