Saturday, 7 April 2012

top ten reasons kate is awesome

  1. her dance routine to "single ladies" by beyonce
  2. her re-wording of several hiphop classics including "ice ice baby", all in aid of improving her work environment
  3. her lasagna
  4. her appreciation for the finer things in life, like cheese and clever lines in movies
  5. her banter. witty, thought-provoking and relevant to our modern times
  6. she reads my blog
  7. her enthusiasm for activities: skiing, riding, hiking
  8. the way she sings along to james taylor (i grew up listening to james taylor)
  9. that one time when she wore predominantly purple clothing
  10. her patience, generosity and love... not everyone will get out of bed to rescue somebody at 2am.
  11. (i lied about there being 10 reasons) if you be really good, sometimes she'll let you feel her boobs.

love you kate.

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