Monday, 28 February 2011

treasure: hat collection/addiction part 1

preface: i can't be bothered to look through all my hats tonight, so i thought i'd post about one hat at a time.

this hat is my current favorite. it's a white toque. i love it, all warm and fuzzy.
to expand:
i work in a thrift store. i am lucky enough to get first call on many of the items that come through. and naturally, in a cold wintery sort of place like this, i have ended up with quite the hat collection. people laugh at me, but i'm pretty sure they're just jealous not to own 30 plus hats.
i had a boyfriend back in the day that told me hats didn't suit me.
being young and in love, this no doubt throw-away comment (as he was prone to making) made quite the impression. i was scared to wear hats up until quite recently, under the impression that everytime i put something on my head, i looked like a damned fool.
now, there is rarely a day i do not wear a hat of some sort. i have turned a corner and embraced hats, in all their glory.
i lied, because i probably won't get around to ever posting more pictures of me in other hats, but i still choose to entitle this post "part 1", Just In Case i am very bored one afternoon.
let's be honest with each other here though, (or at least, i shall be honest with you), i haven't even enough spare time to keep up with my emails. my poor dad probably thinks i'm dead, as i haven't written to him in months.
but that's really another story for another time.

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