Thursday, 24 February 2011

secret: quietly, quietly

so i know i've been quiet. it's been more than a week since my last confession/post.

there's a little too much shit going down for my liking, all i really want is powder, perfection, maybe a little peace... or piece of (ummm) pie.

i've been busy doing busy work, which is to say, not as much work as normal people in the real world do, but more work than i am used to doing these days in my little bubble.

soon i will be leaving the bubble for a bit (by the way, how do you leave a bubble without popping it? now THAT my friends is a riddle, is it not?) to venture back to australia. to see what i can see see see.

i am going to see my lovelies, and to love them all over the place, right smack bang in their lovely little faces.

i need this. boy do i ever.

soz for the blue post... the next one shall be a witty story of my hat collection. i promise.

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